Digital Planet - 14/10/2008

KEVIN ROSE DIGGS IT Want to know what's hot and what's not on the web? Driven by its community of 'Diggers', Digg.com promises to surface "the best stuff as voted on by our users". Founder and cyber celebrity, Kevin Rose, explains how the website works. HOW SAFE IS E-VOTING? As reported on Digital Planet a fortnight ago, Brazil claims to have the world's most sophisticated electronic voting system. Listener Glyn Whitle disagrees. He's in the studio to discuss his concerns with Carlos Rocha, the engineer who created the original digital ballot boxes. SPACE STATION THERAPY "Give me some space" just doesn't work if you're living on the International Space Station. So NASA has created a multimedia programme to help astronauts deal with psychological and interpersonal difficulties in space. Our Boston reporter, Clark Boyd, tries it out.