Day of the Evil Gun

Frontier action tale in which a man persuades his ex-gunfighter neighbour to help him track down the Apaches who kidnapped his wife and children. The pair hire an eccentric scout and set off on a challenging journey in which they encounter bandits, Indian raiders and soldiers of equal savagery. While the ex-gunslinger remains dispassionate, these experiences eventually turn the gentle neighbour into a desperate killer.


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  • 2007-09-29 13:00:00 - 2007-09-29 14:30:00 on BBC Two England, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two Northern Ireland Analogue, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales Analogue,


  • Actor Glenn Ford
  • Actor Dean Jagger
  • Actor Arthur Kennedy
  • Actor John Anderson
  • Actor Paul Fix
  • Actor Nico Minardos
  • Director Jerry Thorpe