D-Day to Berlin - Allies at War

Drama-documentary narrated by Sean Bean about the decisive struggle to defeat Hitler's Third Reich. By the end of August 1944, Hitler's armies were in headlong retreat to the borders of the Reich, but the Allied advance was threatened that autumn by a long and bitter battle fought in the conference chamber - for the right to direct the final assault on Germany. Allies at War tells the story of the behind-the-scenes battles over strategy that threatened to drive a wedge in the Anglo-American alliance. The damaging personality and policy clashes between the Supreme Commander, the American Dwight D Eisenhower, and the commander of British forces in the field, Field Marshal Montgomery. Those who fought tell of the desperate allied struggle to capture the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, and of the terrible winter battles in the Bulge when Hitler's armies threatened to turn allied victory into defeat.


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  • 2009-06-02 23:20:00 - 2009-06-03 00:20:00 on BBC Two Northern Ireland Analogue, BBC Two Wales Analogue, BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two England,


  • Executive Producer Laurence Rees
  • Presenter Sean Bean
  • Producer Andrew Williams