Crossing Continents - 24 Hours in Tulsa

24 Attacks by midget gangsters; incompetent thieves who resort to stealing air-conditioning units; a teenage girl with a crack habit who gets shot a few days after promising to go clean. These are just some of the criminals and junkies encountered by one police officer cruising the streets of one Midwestern US city. But this is Officer Jay Chiarito-Mazarrella, who created a cult following for his Street Story podcasts, vivid vignettes of his work for the Tulsa Police Department. Hugh Levinson hears the best of the Street Stories, giving a fresh, funny and sometimes downright scary insight into policing from the horse's mouth. Producer: Hugh Levinson.


  • 2010-01-14 11:00:00 - 2010-01-14 11:30:00 on Radio 4 FM,
  • 2010-01-18 20:30:00 - 2010-01-18 21:00:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,