Cowboy Trap - Series 2 - Episode 30

Clive Holland has help and advice for homeowners who have fallen victim to cowboy builders. The team is in Preston to help two women on the same street whose homes have been blighted by the same cowboy builder. One has a new extension but no planning permission, the other stopped work when she found out the builder had broken the planning rules, but only after he'd ripped up her driveway.


  • 2010-11-05 11:00:00 - 2010-11-05 11:45:00 on BBC One Cambridge, BBC One West Midlands, BBC One West, BBC One Wales, BBC One South West, BBC One South East, BBC One South, BBC One Scotland, BBC One Oxford, BBC One North West, BBC One North East, BBC One Northern Ireland, BBC One London, BBC One HD, BBC One East Yorkshire, BBC One East Midlands, BBC One East, BBC One Channel Islands, BBC One Yorkshire,


  • Presenter Clive Holland
  • Producer Amanda Reilly
  • Executive Producer Jerry Foulkes