Chinese Food Made Easy - Noodles, Dim Sum and Dumplings

In an attempt to bring fresh, easy and healthy Chinese food to the UK, Ching-He Huang, the rising star of Chinese cooking, this week explores the fashionable world of noodles, dim sum and dumplings. She tries her recipes out in the health-conscious world of London fashion and on the dancers of the English National Ballet. Ching creates her own simple and healthy hot and sour noodle soup, which she tests on the ballet dancers before learning the secrets of one of the leading dim sum master chefs in London. Ching shows Shaun Sellings, owner of a London fashion house, how dim sum can be healthy and easy to make at home. He tries out prawn and pork dumplings and chicken and vegetable spring rolls on his health-conscious customers along with radish and sesame soy noodle salad and spicy skewered lamb. Ching also demonstrates how to create an authentic, but quick and healthy version of the perennially-popular takeaway dish Singapore-style noodles.


  • Presenter Ching-He Huang
  • Director David Robertson
  • Unknown Richard Shaw