Cerys on 6 - With a live session from Eduardo Niebla

Eduardo Niebla, virtuoso flamenco jazz guitarist and composer, has come a long way from his birthplace in Tangiers and childhood in Girona Spain to reach North Yorkshire, his adopted home for the last 10 years. He was born in Tangiers Morocco to Andalucian parents in 1955. In 1960 after political tensions the family became refugees and settled in Girona, Spain where Eduardo grew up. At 18 he formed the cult symphonic rock band "Atila", whose albums are now serious collectors' items, and was rated alongside Paco de Lucia as one of the best guitarists in the Hispanic Peninsula. In 1978 he reached London, initially as a stepping stone to fly to America, but never left and has since been regarded as one of the outstanding guitarists of his generation. He currently lives in North Yorkshire where he has his recording studio.