Cash in the Attic - Series 17 - Gundelfinger

Jet-setting Jennie Gundelfinger has relocated from Johannesburg to Surrey, and has decided to take her best friend Ena on holiday to Italy! Lorne Spicer and John Cameron are charged with helping to raise 500 pounds at auction with a sale of family heirlooms.


  • 2011-03-16 11:30:00 - 2011-03-16 12:15:00 on BBC One Cambridge, BBC One West Midlands, BBC One West, BBC One Wales, BBC One South West, BBC One South East, BBC One South, BBC One Scotland, BBC One Oxford, BBC One North West, BBC One North East, BBC One Northern Ireland, BBC One London, BBC One HD, BBC One East Yorkshire, BBC One East Midlands, BBC One East, BBC One Channel Islands, BBC One Yorkshire,