Beautiful Dreamers - The Traitor of the Zazalcara

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By James Lever and Nat Segnit In this series documentary maker Nat Segnit investigates the untold stories of visionary mavericks. This week Nat explores the difficult life of a Uruguayan footballer who made an ingenious attempt to counter one of world football's worst scandals. With Contributions from Andrew Sachs, Javier Marzan, Kevin Eldon, David Sant, Sean Baker, Tony Bell and Iain Batchelor. Produced by Steven Canny and Sasha Yevtushenko Nat Segnit's short stories and journalism have appeared in The Times and The Independent on Sunday. For Radio 4 he has written Dolphin Therapy and Strangers on Trains. James Lever is author of the best-selling Me Cheeta, which Lynne Truss loved so much she said, "It will subtly change forever the way we think not only about Hollywood but also about our own species" (The Sunday Times).