BBC Scotland Investigates - 2009 - Hash in the Attic

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BBC Scotland Investigates reveals the worrying growth in organised crime in the heart of Scotland's suburbia. Reporter Samantha Poling uncovers the explosion in cannabis farming from a small 'hobby' to an industry estimated by the police to be worth more 100 million pounds. This figure is more than ten times the amount produced by the entire Scottish raspberry crop, more than twice that of Scottish egg production, and more than the entire Scottish vegetable crop. The programme goes behind Scotland's suburban net curtains, with police raids on the small cannabis factories in attics to the larger cannabis factories taking up entire houses in communities as diverse as Keith, West Linton and Broughty Ferry. We hear from a former farmer on how easy it was to set up a farm and get rich in an exceedingly short period of time. We also talk to the police officer leading the Scottish operation against cannabis farms who reveals that over 90 per cent of the farms they have raided are operated by organised crime gangs from Southeast Asia.