Bay City Babylon

The story of the Bay City Rollers reads like that of a modern day Greek tragedy. From their mid 1970s domination of pop music through self destruction, missing millions and abiding hatred for each other this is a story that never seems to end. Often dubbed the 'first boy band' there was, however, a lot more to the Bay City Rollers than tartan scarves and Shangalang. Years of hard work and a determination to succeed lay in the efforts of the band and their manager Tam Paton. Apart from their success in the UK the Rollers would go on to conquer America in a way that today's acts will only ever dream about. Although often ridiculed, their legions of teenage female fans did not just buy the records; they also adopted their tartan uniform of roller gear. The Rollers also provided an emotional outlet for their followers at a level of intensity that has seldom been seen since their demise. Mark Lamarr examines the phenomenon of Rollermania, and their unlikely influence on much more 'credible' acts such as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. Bay City Babylon features contributions from former Rollers Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir, Stuart 'Woody' Wood, Pat McGlynn, Nobby Clark and David Paton. Also taking part are their manager Tam Paton, songwriter Bill Martin, former Ramones manager Danny Fields, producer Phil Wainman, Stuart Cosgrove, Lavinia Greenlaw, Elaine C Smith and Caroline Sullivan. First transmitted January 2008.