Arts, Classical and Jazz Zone - Conan Doyle & Crime

RUNNING ORDER: 00:01 In the Footsteps of Arthur Conan Doyle - Val McDermid makes a personal pilgrimage through the streets of Edinburgh. 00:29 Criminal Conversations - Dougie Vipond chats with Rebus creator Ian Rankin. 00:44 Scenes of Crime - Val McDermid revisits the notorious Cora Crippen murder in the light of new DNA forensic analysis. 01:11 The Book Cafe - Bob Dickson reports on a project to make violins from wood salvaged from the garden of Conan Doyle's childhood home. 01:19 Criminal Conversations - Dougie Vipond meets vet turned author Manda Scott. 01:33 Scenes of Crime - Val McDermid continues her investigation of real life forensic science looking back on the 1935 Buck Ruxton murder case. 02:00 Past Lives - Presenter Mark Stephen uncovers some fascinating facts about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 02:26 The Book Cafe - Presenter Clare English in conversation with Ian Rankin at the 2007 Border's Book Festival. 03:10 The First Private Eye - Val mcDermid explores the controversial life of Allan Pinkerton, the Glasgow born man who gave the world the term Private Eye. 03:38 Criminal Conversation - Dougie Vipond meets the Big Boy who did it and ran away...Christopher Brookmyre. 03:52 Stark Talk - Edi Stark gets under the skin of Val McDermid. 04:20 The Lost World of Arthur Conan Doyle - Louise Welsh explores how the Sherlock Holmes creator could possibly have been the world's most famous apostle of Spiritualism. 04:48 Scenes of Crime - Val McDermid considers technological evidence in crimes of a digital nature. 05:15 Criminal Conversatiosn - Dougie Vipond visits Glasgow's Garnethill to meet crime writer Denise Mina.


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