Arts, Classical and Jazz Zone - 14/05/2009

RUNNING ORDER: Timings are shown in hours and minutes, and are given from the start of the zone. 00:02 - The Choir - Paul English introduces us to the members of his choir, Glasgow group The Parsonage. 00:30 - Songlines: Let It Be - Lifting the lid on the classic Beatles track. 00:57 - Waxing Lyrical: Carole King - Presenter Davie Scott assesses the song writing talents of Carole King. 01:25 - The Other Ella - Presenter Brian Morton tells the bitter sweet story of Scots born singer Ella Logan. 01:53 - The Real Fairytale of New York - Paul English charts the breakthrough of rising Scottish talent Emma Curran. 02:24 - Songlines: Hallelujah - Presenter John Cavanagh and guests get under the skin of Leonard Cohen's haunting ballad. 02:53 - Up Front - Presenter Richard Niles recalls Frank Sinatra's early career singing up front with the Tommy Dorsey big band. 03:21 - Waxing Lyrical: Paul Simon - The songwriting skills of Paul Simon come under the spotlight of presenter Davie Scott. 03:47 - The Radio Cafe: Lou Reed - Presenter Janice Forsyth has a strange encounter with the rock legend. 04:32 - Musical Genes: Roseanne Cash - Tom Morton meets the daughter of country legend Johnny Cash. 05:00 - Songlines: American Pie - All the stories behind Don McLean's classic track.


  • 2009-05-15 00:30:00 - 2009-05-15 06:00:00 on mw,