Anthea Turner: The Perfect Housewife - Series 3 - Episode 4

Series in which Anthea Turner attempts to revolutionise the running of Britain's households by teaching hopeless housewives how to become domestic goddesses at her country mansion. Clare, an Oxford graduate with a one-year-old baby, a husband and a family home, is cursed to live like a slovenly student. Stay-at-home mum Connie is blighted with a split personality - her obsession with cleaning is equalled by her fixation of cramming anything and everything in her full to bursting cupboards. Anthea teaches them tricks at the Academy of Housework including how to use your oven when drying up, how to make your own sausages and how baking foil can halve the time it takes to do the ironing.


  • Presenter Anthea Turner
  • Presenter Anthea Turner

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