Americana - 10/01/2010

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It's sex, drugs and rock and roll on Americana. Matt Frei tackles the week's top news with the help of cultural commentator and blogger Jimi Izrael. The two discuss the future of American security and civil liberties, fancy gadgetry, marijuana and pornography. Matt talks to restaurant owner Steve Horwitz about his new dispensary, Ganja Gourmet. The restaurant's t-shirts read, 'Our food is so great, you need a license to eat it!' Serving only marijuana-enhanced foods, only prescription-carrying customers can enjoy the cuisine but the business model could be replicated in other cities and states. In Las Vegas a huge convention is taking place showcasing the newest gadgets and technological advancements, but it's not the Consumer Electronics Symposium - it's the Adult Entertainment Expo. The two Las Vegas conventions overlap in timing and in content. Reporter David Willis shows Americana the place where porn meets tech. Americana wouldn't be complete with just sex and drugs - it needs rock and roll too. Friday 8th January would have been Elvis Presley's 75th birthday. Americana pays tribute.