Alex Lester - 31/12/2010

Let Alex kickstart your New Year weekend on the Best Time of the Day Show. We are looking back at some of the best threads of the year with a lump in our throats and a tear in our eyes. More mix 'n' match movie mischief in 'When Harry Potter Met Sally', suggestions for Alex's exotic dancer name, requests for admission into the 'Pallet Party' - just bring whatever you have in your van, truck or spare room - and Pause for Thought with Michael McMahon at 3.20am. Plus, it is the final Feelgood Friday of the the year. Lester's Library is as eclectic as ever with Sheryl Crow's new single, and some vintage French musique from Charles Trenet. Meanwhile, the Listener's Library request is... the theme from classic TV show The Waltons. There is also another chance to hear Record of the Week from Rumer. Out with the old and in with the new (we'll keep Alex, though), it's the best way to start your New Year's Eve celebrations.