Alex Lester - 30/12/2010

Keeping you laughing through the night and playing the best selection of tunes, it's Alex. To see out the year, Alex is dusting the cobwebs from some of his favourite threads from 2010. Bring along the contents of your van, spare room or fridge freezer to the Pallet Party; more surreal sightings in 'I Ain't Never Seen an Elephant Fly'; and in 'YMCA for the Modern Day' we are bringing the Village People up to date. Pause for Thought at 3.20 am is with Michael McMahon. From Lester's Library there is some zydeco from Clifton Chenier, and some jazz from The Crusaders with Bill Withers. Your choice from Listener's Library comes from Blue Oyster Cult. And it's not the reaper one. Record of the Week is from Rumer. Buffoons are go!