Alex Lester - 29/12/2010

It's Wednesday which means it is time for the first Half-Time Hooter of the Week; even more inspired daftness and brilliant music from the Dark Lord himself, Alex Lester. We continue to shake the cobwebs from some of the best threads from 2010; more mix n' match mischief with movies in 'When Harry Potter Met Sally'; bring whatever is in your van, lorry or spare room to the 'Pallet Party'; and what is the strangest thing you ever did see in 'I Ain't Ever Seen an Elephant Fly'. Pause for Thought at 3.20 with Michael McMahon. From Lester's Library there are tracks from Bo Diddley and Linda Ronstadt, while the Listener's Library is a recent undiscovered gem from The Ironweed Project. Record of the Week is from Rumer. Nobody else, nowhere else.