Alex Lester - 28/12/2010

There's only one way to get through the night with a smile and that's with Alex, AKA the Dark Lord, on the Best Time of the Day Show. As we approach the end of the year, Alex shakes the dust from some more of the best threads from 2010; bring what you have in your lorry, truck, spare room or left over from Christmas for 'the Pallet Party', and more mix 'n' match movie mischief in 'When Harry Potter Met Sally'. That was some spell he put on her in the coffee shop! Pause for Thought with Michael McMahon at 3.20am also. From Lester's Library there are tracks from Black Sabbath and Willie Nelson, and from Listener's Library, your choice is from Ram Jam. Record of the Week is by Rumer. Alex is armed with the Drums of Pun, the Mallet of Stupidity and the Howl of Campery; you won't get the chance to even think about sleeping!