Alex Lester - 18/02/2010

Hear more tales of the "Shake Rattle and Wrong" variety; those onstage events that certainly weren't part of rehearsals. The "Oh Grow Up You Big Baby" thread lives another day, with more admissions of things we just can't part with from when we were nippers. Marmite and Ketchup sarnie, anyone? And would you like to turn your house into a haunted one? Well, we have some suggestions that involve gooseberry jam, gravestones and Jennie Bond. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to one of the show's most entertaining characters as producer Dr. Strange-love's big red spot on his hooter is on its last legs. It is highly unlikely it will make another day, so we have been paying tribute and looking at suggestions for a memorial. From Lester's Library this morning is a remastered Nick Cave track, a new one from Pope and a classic John Martyn song from the Listener's Library. There is another track from Album of the Week from Johnny Cash and Record of the Week from Rox, also.