Alex Lester - 17/02/2010

There are alot of hooters on The Best Time of the Day Show this morning. The first Half-Time Hooter of the week has arrived at - still with us 48 hours later - producer Dr. Strangelove's big red spot on his hooter. It has now been suggested he should paint the rest of his face white and pose as the flag of Japan in Yoko Ono's next art installation. We are still entertaining our inner child in the thread, Oh Grow Up You Big Baby, and we are talking "Shake Rattle and Wrong", those stagecraft stunts gone wrong. Jimmy Page/Robert Plant and Popa Chubby are selected from Lester's Library, and Ricky Martin from the Listener's Library. More from Album of the Week from Johnny Cash, Record of the Week from new artist Rox, and Pause for Thought from David Wilkinson.