Alex Lester - 15/02/2010

He may be The Dark Lord but even he got that loving feeling on Valentine's Day. Find out what made this one a special one for him. It's an All-New Monday on The Best Time of the Day Show. We are re-assessing great landmark moments in time by looking at History Through the Eyes of Somebody That History Forgot. We all know about Henry VIII's many wives, but spare a thought for the woman that had to mop the floor after the beheadings. We are also playing that dreaded team-building game. You know, the one where you list three facts about yourself, but one of them is fictional. Only this is with Alex, so there is a twist in Inappropriate Ice-Breakers. Plus, what part of your childhood can you still not let go of? Do you still go to bed with a dummy? There is a new Album of the Week from Johnny Cash, a brilliant new Record of the Week from the hotly-tipped soul-singer, Rox. Lester's Library choices come from The Eels and Rory Gallagher, plus vintage Listener's Library from Jimmy the Hoover.