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Get ready to be propelled into the skies for the ride of your life. This is a brand new, high-octane, helicopter emergency ambulance series set in the stunning landscape of the North of England. The Great North Air Ambulance's three helicopters carry specialist trauma doctors and paramedics to some of the most remote parts of Britain's landscape, reaching seriously injured patients in minutes. Air Medics follows every gritty moment with camera directors on scene and multiple mini-cams on board, combined with air-to-air filming recorded in high definition. As a result, this series is a mixture of mind-blowing cinematic landscapes, heart-warming stories of survival and extraordinary feats performed by ordinary, local heroes. The Pride of Cumbria helicopter has been called to an emergency in the Lake District - a biker has been thrown off her motorcycle, completely shattering her ankle. On the other side of the country, the doctors and paramedics fly to the rescue of pedestrian Luke, who has collided with a motorbike, the force pushing his brace completely through his cheek. The North of England is biker country - twisting single carriageway roads that weave through the hills and valleys attracting bike enthusiasts in their thousands. But while most will get home safely, hundreds are involved in nasty and painful accidents every year, and it's often up to the Great North Air Ambulance to pick up the pieces.