Afternoon Play - But If You Try Sometimes

By Sarah Daniels Chloe has cerebral palsy and is certain she will lose her adored carer Rose, when Rose falls for an apparently perfect man. Rose ..... Lesley Manville Chloe ..... Amy Golden Chloe's voice ..... Alex Tregear Alex ..... Jelena Budimir Director ..... Sally Avens Sarah Daniels is an acclaimed writer for stage, screen and radio. Her play 'Masterpieces' was voted one of the best plays of the last Century. Lesley Manville is an award winning actress best known for her work with Mike Leigh and was recently nominated for several awards for her work on his film 'Another Year'. Amy Golden is a young actor with cerebral palsy who has appeared in several productions for Chicken Shed Theatre Company where she often works with Jelena Budimir.