African School - The Womaniser and the Evangelist

16-year-old Dickson is a schoolboy womaniser in a puritanical country. He risks seven years imprisonment for having sex under the age of 18 and the evangelical Christians ram home the message that sex before marriage is bad. He has already seen his father and over 20 of his uncles, aunts and cousins die of 'that disease', as he calls it. This remarkable film gives insight into why God is so big in Africa. The local evangelical church, the Miracle Centre, promises Dickson spiritual salvation and possibly a cure from AIDS if he'll become born again. He is spurred on by the outspoken schoolgirl evangelist Prosse and a touching friendship emerges. It's a personal journey in which he confronts himself and God whilst facing the consequences of an HIV test.


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  • Narrator Sophie Okonedo
  • Director Ed Kellie