A History of the World in 100 Objects - The World in the Age of Confucius (500 - 300 BC) - Parthenon Sculpture: Centaur and Lapith

Neil MacGregor examines the emergence of powerful new forces across the globe around the fifth century BC, from Confucius in China to Cyrus in Persia. In this programme he looks at the emotionally-charged sculptures that were made for the Parthenon in Athens. Carved out of marble around 440BC, these beautiful figures continue to generate huge controversy around the world for the fact that they remain in London and have not been returned to Greece. Neil acknowledges the political controversy of the Elgin Marbles (named after the British Lord who carried them off) but concentrates on their artistic story and on exploring the ancient Greek world that created them. He describes a culture besotted with the myths and imagery of battle. Greek archaeologist Olga Palagia and classicist Mary Beard help conjure up the extraordinary city of antiquity.


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