6 Music Plays It Again - Tighten Up - The Story of Trojan Records - Episode 2

Tighten Up - The Story of Trojan Records (part 2 of 4) Don Letts continues his series celebrating the influential UK-based record label that helped Jamaican music reach a wider audience. Trojan Records is known as reggae's Motown and had a huge hand in introducing Jamaican music to the British public. In it's hey-day of the late 60's to the mid 70's, Trojan chalked up nearly 30 hit singles, released the legendary Tighten Up compilation series, and launched Jamaican acts in the UK such as Jimmy Cliff, John Holt, Ken Boothe, Bob and Marica, and Dave and Ansel Collins. The huge volume of records they released in this period made the name Trojan synonymous with classic rocksteady and reggae cuts. In 1970 alone, Trojan released 500 singles, selling over 1.5 million records.


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