32 Brinkburn Street - Episode 2

2011: Unwilling to let her baby dream die, Ellie seizes on a doctor's appointment to discuss IVF. Nick promises to join her, but when a job opportunity comes along, he breaks his promise, and Ellie has to face the depressing facts alone. Poppy, meanwhile, shows Michael how serious she is about them and has a doctor's appointment of her own with GP David, to discuss going on the pill. Later, David gets a shock of his own when Joy, newly established as Frank's carer, phones him and reveals that she has not left the country after all. David plays it cool, but worries that an affair he thought was going to be over when Joy returned to Nigeria, may have come back to haunt him and his family. As Ellie relays the IVF information to Nick later, they row over Ellie's determination to have a child of her own, and her seemingly obsessive behaviour. And, upstairs, the attic reveals another secret from the past. 1931: Walter's problems deepen as he's told he has lost his job at the warehouse on account of his gambling. His worries go from bad to worse as Billy offers him a way to pay back what he owes, by helping with a church robbery. Elizabeth, meanwhile, has guessed Violet's pregnancy secret, and offers her a controversial and dangerous solution. Violet, dumped by her boyfriend after discovering she is pregnant, considers what to do. The unspoken tension between Gracie and Sid continues to grow, and Sid wants to stay in Manchester for a while, despite some worrying news from Patrick as their pasts refuse to disappear.