101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow - Episode 3

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Eight contestants put their nerve, general knowledge and dignity to the test in Steve Jones' explosive Saturday night gameshow. There's a 10,000 pound prize for the winner, and every round sees one contestant leave the show by some of the most nerve-wracking, hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping means ever seen on TV - one moment they are delving into the darkest corners of their memory for an answer, and the next they are screaming and flying through the air attached to a 100-foot bungy cord. This is one quiz where you really don't want to get a question wrong. Assisting Steve on the incredible 101 tower, the venue for the quiz, is his co-host Nemone. Steve asks the questions and puts a comforting arm around the worried contestants, while Nemone takes great delight in putting them through increasingly horrifying, yet wonderful, ways of leaving the show. Nemone's tour de force this time is The Drag, where four metal cages are attached to the back of a high performance racing car. The contestant who chooses the wrong answer during this round will be dragged off down the runway flat on their backs with only their screams for company.