CBBC logo
  • Logo for Spook Up!
    Spook Up!
    The Stitch Up team has some devilish fun in the dungeons.
  • Logo for Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions
    Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions
    Comedian Paddy McGuinness hosts a Sport Relief special of the stalwart 1970s sports show
  • Logo for Sportsround
    A look behind the stories making the sporting headlines
  • Logo for Stake Out
    Stake Out
    Children's hidden camera game show that finds out how well kids know their mates
  • Logo for Starship
    Educational series
  • Logo for Stingray
    1960s children's marionette adventure series.
  • Logo for Stitch Up
    Stitch Up
    Children target members of the public with practical jokes
  • Logo for Street Monsters
    Street Monsters
    Animation with live action. Life is one long fun adventure if you're a street monster.
  • Logo for Stupid
    More madcap fun with King Stupid and Goober making crazy comedy sketches
  • Logo for Summerhill
    Children's series about a school where the pupils make the rules.
  • Logo for Suspect
    A team of detectives solve seemingly impossible crimes
  • Logo for That Summer Day
    That Summer Day
    Drama set against the backdrop of the London terrorist bombings.
  • Logo for The Batman
    The Batman
    Animated action and adventure in Gotham City with the crime-fighting superhero
  • Logo for The Big Performance
    The Big Performance
    Gareth Malone coaches takes ten shy children who love to sing.
  • Logo for The Cramp Twins
    The Cramp Twins
    Animation about mismatched ten-year-old twins Wayne and Lucien Cramp
  • Logo for The Crust
    The Crust
    Childrens comedy drama set in a pizza joint
  • Logo for The Ghost Hunter
    The Ghost Hunter
    Supernatural drama about ghosts
  • Logo for The Greatest Store in the World
    The Greatest Store in the World
    Heart-warming drama about a homeless family who move to the greatest store in the world.
  • Logo for The Legend of Dick and Dom
    The Legend of Dick and Dom
    Children's sitcom. Daft Princes Dick and Dom embark upon a formidable quest.
  • Logo for The Likeaballs
    The Likeaballs
    Animation about ball-shaped aliens the Likeaballs, who compete in sporting challenges
  • Logo for The Owl
    The Owl
    3D animation about a pink owl
  • Logo for The Pod
    The Pod
    Winners of the POD's challenges will take control of the morning's programmes
  • Logo for The Queen's Nose
    The Queen's Nose
    Children's drama series about a young girl who discovers a magic 50p coin.
  • Logo for The Really Wild Show
    The Really Wild Show
    The children's wildlife programme with reports from across the world
  • Logo for The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury
    The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury
    Bafta-winning children's series about an angry young man.