• Castle in the Country

    Experts travel the country exploring the history behind some of Britain's grandest homes

  • Ceird An Cheoil

    Music documentary series on instrument making in Ireland

  • Celebrity Eggheads

    Celebrity special of the general knowledge quiz in which teams battle to beat the Eggheads

  • Celtic Connections

    Mary Ann Kennedy presents highlights from the Glasgow-based Celtic Connections festival

  • Churchill's Bodyguard

    Historical documentary series based on the memoirs of Walter Thompson

  • City of Men

    Drama series set in the slums of Rio de Janiero.

  • Clash of the Worlds

    Exploring past conflicts between a Christian West and Islam

  • Class Clips

    Compilations of educational material for 11- to 19-year-olds, taken from the BBC Archive

  • Classic Albums

    Series looking at the creation of some classic rock albums.

  • Classic Goldie

    Drum and bass pioneer Goldie is invited to compose a piece of music for the 2009 Proms

  • Classical Star

    Classical talent show where musicians compete to win a top recording contract.

  • Climbing Great Buildings

    Dr Jonathan Foyle scales Britain's most iconic structures to reveal their secrets

  • Coal Stories

    Chris Corcoran presents a four-part children's series telling the story of coal

  • Coast

    A journey around the coast of the United Kingdom uncovering different stories

  • Coast Revisited

    Nicholas Crane looks back on the highlights of his epic journey around the UK coastline

  • Coast: The Journey Continues

    Revisiting some of the defining areas from two series of Coast.

  • Congo

    Documentary series looking at one of Africa's least explored regions.

  • Cooking in the Danger Zone

    Gastronomic adventure through dangerous parts of the world

  • Cool Keys

    Music programme introducing students to the basics of jazz and improvisation

  • Cracking Antiques

    How antiques can be more affordable and stylish than what the high street has to offer

  • Cunntas

    Topical issue debate

  • Curling

    The country's top players competing for the Scottish title

  • Curriculum Bites

    Programmes on issues of Christianity and critical thinking

  • D-Day to Berlin

    Drama-documentary about the decisive struggle to defeat Hitler's Third Reich