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  • Logo for A History of the World
    A History of the World
    Examining historical people, places, inventions and events that changed the world.
  • Logo for A Lot like Love
    A Lot like Love
    Romantic comedy. A couple meet by chance on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.
  • Logo for A Month of Sun Days
    A Month of Sun Days
    Series chronicling holiday life in some of Northern Ireland's top beach resorts.
  • Logo for A Night on the Town
    A Night on the Town
    Comedy. A young woman reluctantly agrees to babysit the children of a wealthy couple.
  • Logo for A Passionate Woman
    A Passionate Woman
    Period drama. A housewife's life is turned upside down by a handsome Polish man.
  • Logo for A Prince for Wales?
    A Prince for Wales?
    Huw Edwards asks lords, ladies, politicians and the ordinary people about Prince Charles.
  • Logo for A Queer Try
    A Queer Try
    Series following Northern Ireland's first gay rugby team, the Ulster Titans
  • Logo for A Question of Sport
    A Question of Sport
    Sporting quiz show, with regular captains leading teams of celebrities
  • Logo for A Real Summer
    A Real Summer
    Mary, a brilliant writer, is befriended by Geraldine, a seemingly friendly debutante.
  • Logo for A Short Stay in Switzerland
    A Short Stay in Switzerland
    Drama inspired by the story of Dr Anne Turner, who took her own life in Zurich in 2006.
  • Logo for A Simple Plan
    A Simple Plan
    Three men are corrupted by their discovery of millions of dollars in a crashed plane.
  • Logo for A Tale of Two Cities
    A Tale of Two Cities
    Kenneth Branagh narrates two remarkable films looking at the history of Belfast City Hall
  • Logo for A Time to Kill
    A Time to Kill
    A young lawyer must defend a black factory worker accused of murder.
  • Logo for A Walk on the Moon
    A Walk on the Moon
    Drama set in 1969. On a family holiday, a married woman finds herself drawn to a stranger.
  • Logo for A Walk to Remember
    A Walk to Remember
    Teen melodrama about a popular high school rebel who falls for a geeky student.
  • Logo for A Woman in Love and War: Vera Brittain
    A Woman in Love and War: Vera Brittain
    Dramatisation of the life of Vera Brittain, a young woman who survived the First World War
  • Logo for A World Away
    A World Away
    Following ten yachts as they embark on the Clipper round the world competition.
  • Logo for A Year in Sex City
    A Year in Sex City
    Documentary following volunteers in Thailand tackling the country's rampant sex tourism.
  • Logo for Abortion Wars
    Abortion Wars
    Following two women on opposite sides of Northern Ireland's abortion battle.
  • Logo for About Adam
    About Adam
    Romantic comedy about a handsome stranger irresistible to all the women in one family.
  • Logo for Absolute Power
    Absolute Power
    Thriller. A burglar witnesses a murder and becomes entangled in a web of deceit.
  • Logo for Accidental Farmer
    Accidental Farmer
    To take revenge on her boyfriend, Erin abuses his credit card and buys a rundown farm.
  • Logo for Accidental Heroes
    Accidental Heroes
    Series documenting real-life stories of bravery and courage
  • Logo for Accused
    Drama series following people accused of crimes as each awaits the verdict of their trial.
  • Logo for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    Comedy about a sleuth's attempts to find a football team's stolen mascot dolphin.