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  • Logo for Cool Runnings
    Cool Runnings
    Four Jamaican bobsleighers dream of competing in the Winter Olympics.
  • Logo for Copland
    Thriller. A struggling small-town sheriff battles with corruption.
  • Logo for Count Your Blessings
    Count Your Blessings
    A behind-the-scenes look at the Holy Communion season and its relevance in modern society.
  • Logo for Countess Dracula
    Countess Dracula
    Hammer horror. An ageing countess bathes in the blood of virgins to preserve her beauty.
  • Logo for Country Tracks
    Country Tracks
    Series celebrating the British countryside.
  • Logo for Countryfile
    The people, places and stories making news in the British countryside.
  • Logo for Countryfile: The Summer Diaries
    Countryfile: The Summer Diaries
    Countryfile spin-off series presented by Matt Baker and Melissa Porter
  • Logo for Coventry Blitz: Out of the Ashes
    Coventry Blitz: Out of the Ashes
    From raid to reconciliation, a new take on the tragic story of the Coventry blitz.
  • Logo for Cowboy Trap
    Cowboy Trap
    Clive Holland and his team try to fix the bad jobs that builders have left behind.
  • Logo for Cranford
    Funny and touching drama about the lives of the people of Cranford.
  • Logo for Crash
    Drama about a group of young doctors working in their first jobs at a Cardiff hospital.
  • Logo for Crash: One Fatal Day on the Roads
    Crash: One Fatal Day on the Roads
    Documentary about the poor record of child pedestrian deaths in the UK.
  • Logo for Crazy/Beautiful
    A talented but poor Latino teenager falls for the troubled daughter of a congressman.
  • Logo for Crime Scene Conman
    Crime Scene Conman
    Documentary about the conman who passed himself of as a top forensic scientist.
  • Logo for Crimewatch
    Help solve some of the UK's biggest cases, with dramatic reconstructions and CCTV footage.
  • Logo for Crimewatch on the Streets
    Crimewatch on the Streets
    Unique fly-on-the-wall insight into major criminal investigations by the nation's police.
  • Logo for Crimewatch Roadshow
    Crimewatch Roadshow
    Crimewatch hits the streets of Britain to appeal for help with unsolved cases.
  • Logo for Crimewatch Solved
    Crimewatch Solved
    The stories behind recent criminal cases and how they were solved.
  • Logo for Crimewatch Special
    Crimewatch Special
    Crimewatch takes an in-depth look at a particular case.
  • Logo for Crimewatch Update
    Crimewatch Update
    An update on the cases featured in Crimewatch UK
  • Logo for Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice
    Thriller about the criminal justice system seen through the eyes of the accused.
  • Logo for Crimson Tide
    Crimson Tide
    A power struggle on board a nuclear submarine endangers the lives of the entire world.
  • Logo for Critical Assignment
    Critical Assignment
    Action drama. A journalist uncovers links with government corruption and the arms trade.
  • Logo for Critters
    Comedy horror about aliens that have escaped from their space prison.
  • Logo for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
    Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
    More cross-cultural mishaps with the charismatic Australian crocodile hunter.