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  • Logo for ... Sings Dylan
    ... Sings Dylan
    Bob Dylan covers by the likes of Lulu, the Byrds, Joan Baez, Eric Clapton and Bryan Ferry.
  • Logo for ... Sings Elvis
    ... Sings Elvis
    Featuring Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Carl Perkins, Boy George and Robbie Williams.
  • Logo for ... Sings the Beatles
    ... Sings the Beatles
    A journey through the classic and curious Beatles covers in the BBC archives.
  • Logo for ... Sings the Great American Songbook
    ... Sings the Great American Songbook
    Artists performing their interpretations of tracks from The Great American Songbook.
  • Logo for 01/06/2007
    A celebration of the classic children's series.
  • Logo for 10 Things You Didn't Know About...
    10 Things You Didn't Know About...
    Iain Stewart reveals some surprising facts about natural phenomena.
  • Logo for 10/06/2002
    Documentary examining Israel's attack in 1967 on the USS Liberty.
  • Logo for 100 Years of Girl Guides
    100 Years of Girl Guides
    A documentary delving into the Girl Guide movement's extraordinary archive.
  • Logo for 13 Tzameti
    13 Tzameti
    Thriller involving a Georgian immigrant in France.
  • Logo for 14/09/2006
    Julian Fellowes hosts the panel game that promotes proper punctuation.
  • Logo for 15/05/2003
    A look at the history of children's TV news.
  • Logo for 18/06/2007
    Profile of 19th century naturalist John James Audubon.
  • Logo for 19/05/2007
    A cynical private eye becomes involved in a dangerous quest for a 16th-century statuette.
  • Logo for 19/05/2007
    Portrait of the late rock guitarist, made three years after his death.
  • Logo for 1908 - The First True Olympics
    1908 - The First True Olympics
    Dramatised documentary about the controversial first London Olympics in 1908.
  • Logo for 1959: A Panorama Guide
    1959: A Panorama Guide
    Documentary looking back at 1959 through the eyes of current affairs programme Panorama.
  • Logo for 1959: The Year that Changed Jazz
    1959: The Year that Changed Jazz
    Examines the 1959 albums of Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman.
  • Logo for 1968 Olympics: Black Power Salute
    1968 Olympics: Black Power Salute
    A look at the moment when two athletes made a Black Power protest during the Olympics.
  • Logo for 20/05/2007
    Dan Snow examines the life and times of his great-great grandfather, David Lloyd George.
  • Logo for 22/05/2007
    Sketch outfit the Ornate Johnsons star in a one-off show all about the Edwardian era.
  • Logo for 25 Years of the Antiques Roadshow
    25 Years of the Antiques Roadshow
    A celebration of the silver jubilee of the popular collectors' series.
  • Logo for 26/05/2007
    Tinky Winky, Laa Laa, Dipsy and Po discuss their work with Mark Lawson.
  • Logo for 27/02/2005
    Documentary expanding the frontiers of popular awareness over the chicken's many virtues.
  • Logo for 27/05/2007
    Profile of the legendary Blue Peter editor Biddy Baxter.
  • Logo for 28/05/2007
    A compilation of highlights from John Noakes's career on Blue Peter.