BBC Four

  • An Islamic History of Europe

    Rageh Omaar visits Spain, Sicily and France to discover the history of Islam in Europe

  • Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Series examining how much Britain changed between 1997 and 2007

  • Art Deco Icons

    Architectural historian David Heathcote explores the best examples of Art Deco in Britain

  • Art of Arts TV

    The contribution that arts programmimg has made to our national broadcasting culture.

  • Art of Eternity

    Andrew Graham-Dixon unravels the mysteries of the art of the pre-perspective era

  • Art of the Sea

    Writer and poet Owen Sheers explores British art and literature inspired by the high seas

  • Atom

    The story of the groundbreaking scientific discovery that everything is made from atoms.

  • Barenboim on Beethoven

    Pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim gives a masterclass on the Beethoven piano sonatas