BBC Programme Ben Affleck

  • Armageddon
    Sci-fi thriller in which there are 18 days to save the world from an approaching asteroid.
  • Daddy and Them
    A struggling couple discover a relative is in trouble so they attempt to help.
  • Forces of Nature
    A writer flies to Georgia for his wedding, but the trip is fraught with disaster.
  • Phantoms
    Two sisters return to their home town to find the entire population either dead or missing
  • Stolen Summer
    Drama about a Roman Catholic boy growing up in the suburbs of 1970s Chicago.
  • Surviving Christmas
    A millionaire offers a family 250,000 dollars to let him spend Christmas with them.
  • The Review Show - 11/03/2011
    Kirsty Wark and panellists talk about the new film The Company Men, starring Ben Affleck.