BBC Programme Western

  • 3.10 to Yuma
    Western. A drought-hit farmer, desperate for money, agrees to guard an outlaw.
  • A Distant Trumpet
    A US Cavalry officer finds love and adventure at an outpost near the Mexican border.
  • A Man Called Horse
    Powerful drama. A captured 19th-century English aristocrat integrates into Sioux culture.
  • A Thunder of Drums
    Western about a seasoned cavalry officer is assigned a naive West Point graduate.
  • Bandolero!
    A band of outlaws kills a wealthy rancher during an attempted bank robbery.
  • Big Jake
    The head of a clan leads the search for his kidnapped grandson.
  • Billy the Kid
    Western telling the story of the notorious outlaw William `Billy the Kid' Bonney.
  • Broken Arrow
    Classic western about the conflict between whites and Apaches in 1870s Arizona.
  • Broken Lance
    A patriarchal rancher's empire is threatened by conflict within his family.
  • Broken Trail
    Two-part Western mini-series set in 1898 as the cowboy way of life begins to expire.
  • Broken Trail - Episode 1
    Print Ritter is an Oregonian herding 500 horses to Wyoming with his nephew, Tom.
  • Broken Trail - Episode 2
    Print Ritter is an Oregonian herding 500 horses to Wyoming with his nephew, Tom.
  • Buchanan Rides Alone
    Western. A lone rider helps a boy who is awaiting trial for the murder of the local bully.
  • Captain Apache
    Violent revenge western about a full-blooded Apache Indian working for the US Army.
  • Cat Ballou
    A schoolteacher becomes the leader of a criminal gang on America's wild frontier.
  • Cattle Queen of Montana
    A feisty pioneer woman struggles to hold on to her livestock and grazing land.
  • Duel at Diablo
    A cavalry unit travelling through the Wild West is pursued by attacking Indians.
  • Duel in the Sun
    Western melodrama about two men battling for the affections of a Mexican girl.
  • Flaming Star
    The story of a young American forced to pick between his white father and Kiowa mother.
  • Fort Apache
    A bitter commanding officer takes his resentment out on the men of a remote outpost.
  • Four for Texas
    Comedy western about a pair of rival con men who set up opposing saloons.
  • Gun Fury
    Wild west adventure about a rancher's search for an outlaw who kidnapped his fiancee.
  • Hondo
    Western. An Indian tries to escort a homesteader's wife to safety after an Apache attack.
  • Hondo
    A half-Apache army despatch rider becomes protector to a woman and her son.
  • Jubal
    Fatalistic western version of Othello.
  • Junior Bonner
    A rodeo rider returns to his home town, only to find that everything has changed.
  • Lightning Jack
    Comedy western about an ageing outlaw and his new sidekick, a mute boy.
  • Lightning Jack
    Comedy western about an ageing outlaw who reluctantly takes a young mute boy hostage.