BBC Programme Crime

  • - Episode 1
    Ex-jockey Sid Halley must guard a horse, probe a syndicate and find a swindler.
  • - Episode 2
    The favourite for the Newmarket Two Thousand Guineas is nobbled.
  • - Episode 3
    Determined Sid Halley returns to England to face threats from a gang of racecourse dopers.
  • - Episode 4
    Sid Halley must investigate the loss of three champion racehorses.
  • 36
    Two policemen become embroiled in an increasingly bitter race to secure promotion.
  • A Bronx Tale
    A father feels powerless when his son becomes increasingly corrupted by a local gangster.
  • A Bullet at Balmain's
    A promiscuous mannequin's murder in 1948 Paris stylishly distracts Noel Coward.
  • A Case for Dr Morelle
    Harley Street psychiatrist Dr Morelle uses psychology and criminology to solve crimes