BBC Programme Biographical

  • - Episode 1
    Joseph P Kennedy Sr works furiously to ensure his son's victory over Richard Nixon.
  • - Episode 2
    Jacqueline's mother's prophecy that Jack will never be faithful seems true.
  • A Beautiful Mind
    Oscar-winning drama based on the true story of prominent mathematician John Nash.
  • A Bronx Tale
    A father feels powerless when his son becomes increasingly corrupted by a local gangster.
  • Alan Bennett - The Lady in the Van
    Autobiographical play about the woman who took refuge in the author's Camden garden.
  • Alexander the Great
    Historical saga telling the story of the ancient Greek general who conquered the world.
  • Amadeus
    Biographical drama recounting composer Salieri's meetings with the young Mozart.
  • Anita and Me
    Meera Syal's story about a young girl growing up in the Midlands during the 1970s