BBC Programme Readings

  • 31 Songs
    Nick Hornby reads from his book detailing his favourite songs
  • 31 Songs - Episode 1
    The music-loving author reads from his own book about his favourite tracks.
  • 31 Songs - Episode 2
    Nick Hornby reveals the debt he owes to Rod Stewart - and stories in songs.
  • 31 Songs - Episode 3
    Nick Hornby shares his thoughts on the art of the pop song - and the works of Bob Dylan.
  • 31 Songs - Episode 4
    Author and music lover Nick Hornby laments the underappreciated art of the songwriter.
  • 31 Songs - Episode 5
    Nick Hornby concludes his favourite tracks' list, which includes Ian Dury and Patti Smith.
  • 60 Degrees North
    Inspired by Fair Isle, poet Raman Mundair reads from her latest collection of poetry.
  • A Brush with Fame
    Stories exploring with wit and humour how we all react to a glancing encounter with fame