BBC Programme Films

  • Born Yesterday
    A nouveau-riche junk dealer hires a cultured gent to teach his girlfriend about etiquette.
  • Born Yesterday
    A millionaire hires a journalist to train his girlfriend to be more articulate.
  • Bounce
    Romantic drama about an advertising executive who falls in love with a young widow.
  • Boys Don't Cry
    Drama based on a true story about a teenage girl from who reinvents herself as a man.
  • Boys and Girls
    After a string of failed relationships, two friends wonder if they're meant to be together
  • Brazil
    Orwellian fantasy. A clerk makes a trivial error and becomes an enemy of the state.
  • Breach of Trust
    A woman discovers her recently deceased husband was living a secret married life.
  • Breaking Up
    Drama about love in the 1990s, focusing on a man and a woman who keep on breaking up.
  • Breaking and Entering
    After following a burglar home, a landscape architect becomes involved with his mother.
  • Brides of Dracula
    Baron Meinster turns the students of a school for girls into vampires.
  • Brideshead Revisited
    Captain Charles Ryder remembers his involvement with the doomed aristocratic Flyte family.
  • Bridge to Terabithia
    CGI-filled adventure about two teenage friends who escape to a magical woodland.
  • Bringing Up Baby
    A madcap heiress makes a shambles of an absent-minded palaeontologist's life.
  • Broadcast News
    Intelligent romantic comedy, satirising American television news.
  • Broken Arrow
    Classic western about the conflict between whites and Apaches in 1870s Arizona.
  • Broken Flowers
    An ageing single man receives an anonymous letter claiming he has a teenage son.
  • Broken Lance
    A patriarchal rancher's empire is threatened by conflict within his family.
  • Bronco Billy
    A mismatched couple learn to love each other despite their different backgrounds.
  • Brooklyn Rules
    Three friends are put in danger when one becomes enamored with the mafia lifestyle.
  • Brothers in Trouble
    Drama about a group of illegal Pakistani immigrants in a boarding house in 1960s England.
  • Bruce Almighty
    A TV reporter blames God for his misfortune and is then given divine powers.
  • Brute Force
    Prison drama about an attempt at a jail break.
  • Brute Force
    Prison drama about an attempt at a jail break.
  • Bubble Boy
    Offbeat comedy about a boy who has to live in a bubble due to his weak immune system.
  • Buchanan Rides Alone
    Western. A lone rider helps a boy who is awaiting trial for the murder of the local bully.
  • Buck Privates
    A couple of salesmen running from the law end up accidentally enlisting in the army.
  • Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
    A six-year-old girl living in Afghanistan wants to go to school to learn some jokes.
  • Buddy Boy
    Erotic psychological drama. A sexually frustrated man spies on his beautiful neighbour.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Comedy horror in which an athletic Californian girl takes on medieval vampires.
  • Build My Gallows High
    Classic 1940s American film noir which tells a grim, complex tale of love and betrayal.
  • Bull Durham
    Witty drama about a baseball groupie who must choose between a rookie and a veteran.
  • Burglar
    Comedy mystery about a cat burglar who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.
  • Buster
    The story of Great Train Robber Buster Edwards.
  • Buster
    Lively biopic telling the story of Great Train Robber Buster Edwards.
  • Butterfly on a Wheel
    Thriller. A wealthy couple are tormented by a sociopath who kidnaps their daughter.
  • Cabaret
    Bob Fosse's musical about a lovestruck cabaret singer living in decadent 1930s Berlin.